The Psychological Game


It’s scary to know how many players never learn to think the game.  Speed, quickness, power, reaction time, they are all huge parts of what makes a successful basketball player.  But, just by looking at today’s NBA, you can see the players who have amazing physical talents but never reach their true potential.  Likewise, there are “wily” veterans who seem to stick around forever.  They are still relevant and effective even though their physical abilities may now be diminished.  Have you ever truly wondered what the phrase “picking his spots” actually means?  Or have you ever seen a much older and slower player effectively guard and shut down a young rookie and wondered “how is that possible”?  Have you ever seen a player thrive and be an all-star one year, and then change teams and coaches and stink it up the next?   Veterans have played long enough to know exactly what they are good at and how to accomplish it.  They have seen these plays over and over again in their minds thousands of times before they actually occur on the court.  They have been in situations enough times that they know how to keep themselves calm and panic free.  They have changed teams and coaches and still managed to succeed.  And lastly, they have watched thousands of hours of film on THEMSELVES and their opponents.  In short they have staying power, and much of that (barring injury) is mental.  


The Psychological game is just as important as the physical, if not more.  If you haven’t taken inventory of yourself both mentally and physically, then you don’t know where you are.  If you don’t know where you are, how can you get to where you want to go?  As a 14 year pro, I can teach you the mental tricks that keep you focused and improving, even when you aren’t on the court.  I have lived and played in seven different countries throughout my career.  I have had to adjust and adapt to different cultures as well as new coaches, teams and playing styles.  I can help you mentally adapt to any situation, and thrive.  I often feel as though the most important degree I ever received was my Psychology Minor, because so much of basketball is mental.  If you want to learn mental toughness, the art of tuning everything else out, how to create a personal inventory of strengths and weaknesses, adaptability, goal setting and much more from someone who had to learn these traits on the fly in actual life situations, then please contact me at and we will begin the process of making you the mentally toughest player on the court!!!