Remote Coaching


Everyone in today’s game needs an edge.  Personal development training with a quality, experienced coach is a proven method to explosively increase your basketball ability and skill set.  With 14 seasons of professional playing experience and countless hours developing other athletes and teaching the game, I know what it takes to get to the next level.  I am also a certified personal trainer who has specific knowledge on how to effectively execute mobility, stability,  speed and power training as it relates to the sport of basketball.  You can get to the next level, and you can do it without spending thousands of dollars throughout the off season. Remote coaching through my system will get you better results, and will train every part of your game, conditioning, strength, basketball ability and the psychological aspects. The average personal trainer costs $50 per half an hour to hour, depending on their ability and the program!!! That’s the average!! A good basketball development coach costs around $50 an hour for one-on-one development. An offseason of hard work with both can run you anywhere from $3000 to $7000 dollars. That’s insane!!!  Depending on your age, ability, level of commitment, access to equipment, goals and personal timeline I will create a program that suits you and you alone.  You will receive your tailor-suited workouts specific to you in your email, and we will be in contact on a regular basis training as many parts of your game as you desire.  Contact me at to learn more.


Every summer I go home and see basketball players of all levels doing strength training exercises in their local gyms and fitness studios. 99% of them are training all wrong. I am not saying that they are performing the exercises with bad form or using too much weight, I mean that the actual exercises they are doing are all wrong for their sport. What’s worse, most of them either have programs given to them by their teams or strength and conditioning coaches, or they are using a personal trainer that may know strength but doesn’t know basketball. Hire an average trainer you will get average results. Why would you use a personal trainer who never played basketball or never worked with basketball players? Because they are certified?  So what.

Basketball strength, conditioning and plyometric training must be performed in a proprioceptively enriched environment. What does that mean? It means exercises will be performed under a constant balance strain. What good does a bench press do on a flat bench for a basketball player? What’s worse, I see so many athletes using machines!!! Machines lock in your movements into one range of motion.  Basketball training can no longer be about how much you can bench or squat. That doesn’t matter any more. It’s about what you can lift while also fighting balance and posture movements, what can you control? It’s about power and explosivity!!!

The program I am developing will show you functional basketball exercises that improve strength and the ability to control your body. I wish I had it when I was 13. As a 14 year pro, I still struggle with proprioceptively enriched exercises to this day because I didn’t adequately train them when I was a kid. I can bench over 275 pounds, but it isn’t functional for my job. Had I started with this at a young age I am convinced I would have scored another 5000 points in my career and probably made quite a bit more money. The program will teach you exercises that are basketball functional and that will make your entire body strong and explosive, not just one muscle in one line of work. Don’t spend $50 an hour with a personal trainer that has no basketball experience. Don’t keep doing exercises that athletes were doing in the 70’s and 80’s. You need an edge! I can help AND adapt a program that fits your needs and requirements.  Train for your sport, not for the beach. Learn better body control and get better results!!!  Get the edge you need!!! Contact me at to learn more


I have been training myself and other players of all abilities for years.  Through thousands of hours on the court I have learned what works and what doesn’t.  I have also watched other players train and listened to them tell me their daily regimens.  In my opinion, most of what they are doing is completely wrong.  Have you ever wondered how someone can be a gym rat and never get better?  I see this with my peers quite often.  I have taken note of rookie players overseas and thought to myself, “wow that guy’s got a shot to be really good.”  Then three years later he is in the same league, doing the same moves, never advancing or improving.  Or even worse, he is in a lower league making less money.  This story plays out again and again at all levels of competition.  A freshman in college that’s really good but never becomes the all-league player he could have been by his senior year.  The sophomore in high school who is the best player on the JV team and then “rides the pine” on the varsity bench as a senior.  Most of the time this is due to one of two things, either poor work habits or the wrong work habits.

You see, it’s a natural human tendency to do what’s comfortable.  That’s how habits are formed.  If you are a great shooter, and you go into the gym and take 10,000 shots, you probably didn’t get any better that day.  Maybe you improved your shot by a quarter of a percent.  That’s it.  If you are a pro player and you spent your day playing in a pickup game at your old college, you probably didn’t get better doing that.  Stop wasting your time.  I can help you because I figured out how to help me!!!  Let me explain.  Right around my fourth year as a pro I was stuck.  I was having one good year and then a bad one, kind of bouncing around and getting discouraged.  What’s worse, I wasn’t getting any better.  Then something clicked.  I took that summer and worked on every part of my game, and I did it in less time per day than I ever had before.  I learned efficiency, goal setting and planning.  I got better.  I didn’t waste my time, and I was honest with exactly who I was as a player and who I wanted to be.  That was the first step.  From there my career exploded.  I went from a nobody making nothing to a first division German All-star in one year, and a German Champion and Euroleague (the highest level outside the NBA) player in two.  That was something that every agent I had previously talked with told me would never be possible for someone with my athletic ability or skill set.  I proved them all wrong.  I reinvented myself and became the player I wanted to be.  You can do it too, and you can do it without spending thousands of dollars on development training throughout the summer.   Get the edge you need!!! Contact me at to learn more  ?